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Saturday, 4 May 2013

New Nails!!! Again!!

Now it certainly doesn't seem like 5 weeks since I reverted to my almond nails...but it is!

I went to see my lovely nail technician today and we decided on something a bit different. I have had glitter tips on now for nearly a year now, so I've gone for an all over colour. I've also opted for a pinky nude, with Swarovski detail...yep you read that right Swarovski!!

I loved the baguette cut crystals as they are something a bit different. I also kept the length instead of having them cut back down like I usually do. They are a bit full on and talon like...but I LOVE them!!

Hope you like them too!



  1. wow those are your real nails?! omg, they are gorgeous! I love the colour and the detail, so pretty, in total awe of your nails right now :) x x

    1. Oh how I wish they were real!! They are acrylics, good ones at that. I could never maintain this length if they were real. Thanks though :) xx

    2. Aw they are still beautiful and amazing! I could never get my nails this pretty, currently had to cut them all really short cas they just break all the time. So maybe I'll give acrylics a go :D x x x


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