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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My Everyday Brows


So I get a lot of people asking me about my brows - the likelihood is that because they are prominent they get a lot a lot of attention. Now I'm not saying that this post shows them off particularly well, the reason for this being that I am not wearing makeup at all so they look a bit odd on their own.

I love my eyebrows, and even though they are not the tamest of beasts they are strong and thick and I like this. Even though they caused me grief in my teens due to people picking on me because of them (*sob*)...I love them and I own them. I love to put colour through them and even glitter from time to time (the inner drag queen just dying to come and play).

Nevertheless I thought as I get asked what I do with them...I would share...so here we are.

First of all here are the products that I use:
Here we have: 
Revlon Colourstay 515 (colour 4), The Body Shop Matte it Primer, Illamasqua Brow and Lash Gel, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 2 Light, Benefit High Beam, Real Techniques Angled Brush, Tweezerman Tweezers and Ted Baker brow brush and comb. 

I do swap up what colour I use (if any) as sometimes I want a bold colour (purple any one!?) and other times I want my brows to be warm and light. As my brow hairs are naturally black I try and not go any darker than dark brown - other wise we have a scouse brow situation going on. In summer I tend to go for a mid brown to keep it warm. 


  1. First I prep and prime - tweeze any stray hairs and prime my brow by running primer against the hair. Also at this point I conceal under the brow to get rid of any redness from any tweezing. 
  2. I dab the angled brush in the colour and tap off excess. When putting colour in my brows for every day I start from half way in the brow and run the colour to the tip, creating the desired shape. Then with what colour is left on the brush I sweep and take the colour to the front of my brow (this helps stop the 'scouse' brow). 
  3. With the brow brush I then brush and blend the colour to make sure that it is soft and there are no harsh lines. 
  4. I then apply brow gel in an upward motion. Making my brows look wild and untamed. I then let this set for a few seconds. 
  5. After this I tame them by brushing the top of the brow with the brow comb to give a smooth yet full shape. 
  6. The last step is to add (if I'm feeling jazzy) a highlight on my brow bone - I do this any way if I am doing a full face of makeup, but even if I'm not sometimes its nice to add a highlight. 
And there we have it. 

I am dying to do a full glitter brow and put it up to show everyone - but maybe that would be too much!? Maybe not. 

So I hope you have enjoyed reading it and I hope it helps if you have problems taming your brows. But own them and remember that they are such an important part of your face - they frame your eyes and give your look structure - LONG LIVE THE FULL BROW!! 



  1. Your eyebrows are immense! You are naturally blessed in a way that I sadly am not - without my HD help of course haha...
    Boo to those who teased you and yes, long live the full brow!! (although I do think Cara Delevingne's are a little toooooo much hmm)


    1. I couldn't believe the difference in yours before and after HD! And really? Youre not the first one I have heard not like Cara's brows; I think they are a bit talked up...I mean shes not the first one to sport the fuller look. But still snaps for her for bringing them back (ish) haha xx


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