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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

How to...blue eyes pt 1

So if like me you are a bit of a trend spotter, you will have noticed the emergence of the blue eye. With models for Moshcino and Christian Dior donning the blue it is set to become a trend for the coming seasons.

But with this in mind...this look is so hard to pull off without looking a tad 80's...or like a school girl who has just raided her mums makeup bag for the first time. But this blue comeback is all about neon shades, all over coverage and being a bit too in your face. So just my look.

I have been experimenting with a few blue eye looks for you and this is a little 'how to' for those who like it that much they want to try it.
This is by far the most 'in your face' as I dare to go, but I will post up some more subtle looks at a later date for those who are interested (anyone??)

So...Here we go....

Neon blue shabang!!

Here is a list of the products used:
  • Photoready Concealer - Revlon 
  • Sparkle sauce mixing medium - POP
  • Icicle eyeshadow - First Cover 
  • Neon Blue powder eyeshadow - Models Own
  • Bayou eyeshadow - First cover 
  • Sapphire gel eyeliner - Avon 
  • Phenomena liquid metal - Illamasqua
  • Copper sparkle pigment - MAC
  • Black Khol eyeliner - Models own
  • Hypnose drama waterproof mascara in Black - Lancome 
So heres how I did it...

  • First you need to prime the eye - I just used my regular concealer, but urban decay or too faced have excellent eyeshadow primers that would work a treat here. 
  • Then I applied 'Icicle' a white eyeshadow to the whole lid and worked it up towards the brow bone. 

  • Then I used my mixing medium with the Neon blue powder eyeshadow to make a pigment and applied this to the lid. Staying away from the inner corner. I also applied a light line under my lower lashes. 

  • I then packed on more of the loose Neon blue powder and blended the colour towards my brow bone. 

  • To add some depth to the eye I applied a mix of Bayou ( a darker blue) and Sapphire gel eyeliner to the upper lash line, but only on the outer third of the eye, I also used this on the lower lash line. 

  • I then added the two metallic highlights, a silver - for which I used Phenomena liquid metal in the inner corner of the eye, blending it into the rest of the lid making sure to take it up towards the brows. And for the lower lash line I used Copper Sparkle (this has to be used with a mixing medium) to the inner third of the lower lash line. 

  • After the copper has dried I blend the lower lash line, otherwise the copper would be in the limelight more than I wanted it to be. Then to finish the look I apply black khol to the lower and upper waterlines and apply one coat of mascara...and there we have it!
The finished product!!
So there we are, not as hard as you think, and really you could use this look/ technique for any bold colour, just as long you remember to blend and add depth. 

If any one out there would like to see some more blue looks then don't hesitate to either comment below or message me and I will do my best to get more up here. 

As always let me know what you think :) 


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Nail trends...

So lately I've changed...

Not for the better nor for the worse (although my bank balance may disagree). But I am a complete convert to acrylic nails.

I have always done my own nails, and to be perfectly honest was always a dab hand at it. I have an archive of fantastic colours from brands that span time and space. But I was struck down by the draw of perfect looking nails with a sparkle that cannot be matched by polish alone.

It started about 6 months ago when I treated myself to these beauties for my brothers wedding.

They are real mother of pearl chips molded into the nail tip. I fell in love. There are endless options, and its with no doubt that I say there is something for everyone. But not only that, I have found that my nails can last nearly 8 weeks without needing to be either replaced or needing in-fills ( I have never needed them replaced,  and you can have the tip changed with in-fills: this is always my method). I love having a little sparkle at my finger tips. And long gone are the days where acrylics were for chavs alone, you can look subtly glam for weeks, which is what every girl wants.

Here are some of my favorite:

These are the nails I am sporting at the moment, love the girly glitter.

Perhaps my favorites, these looked like I had opals on my fingertips, and they lasted for ages and only seemed to look better and better!

My Christmas nails, big specks of bold silver glitter, really festive and again long wearing.

I still take my time and care in my pedicures, so I still have a bit of my artistic flare on my toes, but to be perfectly honest, I dont have to worry about whether my nails match my outfit, or if they will chip. They aren't cheap to maintain (£20 a month on average, with a £35 start full set), but I enjoy being pampered for 45mins every 4-8 weeks and I feel I deserve that ;)

Glitter has made a real come back, and although its not always appropriate to adorn yourself, these nails are a lovely way of bringing sparkle in to your every day :)

Let me know what you think