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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Avon BB Cream Review

So for those of you who follow my twitter or have read my last couple of 'Look of the Day's' then you will know that I have been using Avon's ideal flawless BB cream instead of my YSL Teint Touche Eclat foundation for the past week.

My reason for doing this is I have been wondering about BB creams for a while now and wanted to try one out. I like Avon products and find them to be decently priced for what they are so I thought I would give it a try.

BB creams have been around for a while, first originating in Germany, but I became aware of them from the Japanese BB creams that have been around for a few years. They have been called many things; Blemish balm, Beblish balm or Beauty balm...Avons product is known as a beauty balm.

So this is how the product arrives...
Simple packaging 
Its a 30ml product so the same as an average foundation - which is good as this means it will last a while. 

The product out of the tube
The product is a lot thicker than foundation but seems to provide a similar coverage, it is light in its application and not heavy on the skin. It is also quite moisturising but needs a powder with it to stop it being overly shiny. 
I went for the lightest shade 'ivory' as I am quite fair skinned. It matches my skin tone really well which is a real bonus as its often difficult buying from a catalogue or online where you cannot try the product before you buy it. 
Straight away when applying it you can feel that it has fillers in it, so on application it gives a really even tone and texture to your skin. I did however have some difficulty applying it without having streaks - my perfected method is to apply with fingers and then use a stippling brush to blend in. 
I also tried various forms of powder to set it, the usual loose powder that I use (Clinique loose powder) did not go well with the BB cream and I was very shiny after about 30 mins. So instead I tried my Lancome pressed powder and this seemed to create a lovely finish and last all day...HOWEVER...I was caught in the rain on one day and the result was not pretty...my face was left looking scaly...so I would not recommend wearing it in a downpour. 

Over all I like the product and will continue using it on days where I want a lighter feel on my skin or just cant be bothered with foundation. It does take a bit of practice to get a good finish with it, but once you perfect this it lasts just as well as foundation and gives a great coverage.  

Hope this is useful and it would be great to hear what BB creams you have tried and tested!

Muchos love 


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