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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Jan & Feb 2013 Favorites

Hey peepies!

So I have been reading lots of lovely blog posts with monthly favorites in, and I'm finding them really interesting to read through. I love knowing what other people love, it gives me so many ideas and a never ending wish list of things I would like. 

So I thought that I would return the favor. I know that not all of you will be interested in this, but for the few that are...here we go :) 

I have SO MANY 'loves' to start the year with, there are a few new buys that I have been loving and some old faves in here too. Im also including some non beauty items just to give you a little insight to my life when Im not beauty blogging or taking pictures of my eyes LOL. 

L'Oreal Triple Active Cleansing Milk 

 So this is my first favorite - I love this cleanser and it is excellent for my skin type, I use it by applying a small amount onto a cotton pad and then applying to my face and then removing again with a cotton pad. It is really cooling and soothing and seems to last for such a long time!

Body Shop Cucumber Freshening Water 
My second is another cleansing product, I have been using this for a few years and I haven't found a better toner yet. I use this after the cleansing milk, applying with a cotton pad. It makes sure my face is pure by doing that 'extra cleanse' and it tones my skin before applying moisturiser.

E45 Cream
Now this one is a bit of an odd one, for anyone who also reads my other blog you will know how much the side effects from my medication are affecting the moisture of my skin. And this has been a life saver! It does exactly what it says, its not a fancy product at all, just pumps moisture back in where needed. However I don't apply this to the whole of my face as it would be too heavy.

Blistex Relief Cream 

 This is another product linking to my other blog, really the same story here. Isotretinoin is really drying out my skin, especially my lips...and this is being a life saver. Especially when I can apply a thick layer of this before bed and I can wake up and my lips will feel so much better! Its a really good product and I would definitely recommend this if you have dry or chapped lips.

Lush's Mask of Magnaminty
 I got this product as a Christmas present from my boyfriends sister and I LOVE it! I started using it before I started my medication and I used it about once a week, now I use it twice a week due to the condition of my skin. It is a really thick clay like mask that you apply on cleansed skin. It has a slight exfoliation property too which is great. It looks a bit scary and will make you look a bit like shrek - but it smells great (kind of an earthy peppermint scent) and it leaves your skin uber soft and radiant.

Avon's ideal flawless BB cream

 Loving this BB cream right now, it is so hydrating for my dry skin. I have already reviewed this product here. But it is a great alternative to foundation and I have been wearing a lot!

Lancome Poudre Majeure Excellence

 Beautiful pressed powder that I keep in my handbag, great as it comes with a mirror and the applicator is great too. It is such a fine pressed powder, it creates a lovely finish and definitely does not leave you cakey. I've had this product for a LONG time and I use it quite a lot, so its worth the high price (in my opinion , but  I use it more for 'top ups' during the day/night rather than a setting powder.

MAC Sheertone Blush in Pink Swoon 
This is the only blush that I will use, I have been using it for years and I haven't even started this second pan yet (didn't want to show you the scrapings left in my current pan). It looks way too bright to be wearable but its such a lovely colour that is great for pale skin. It takes me all the way through the year and I just warm it up in summer with bronzer.

Illamasqua Brow and Lash Gel 

 This is one of my must have products, even when I don't wear makeup I always sweep this through my brows just to keep them tame. The packaging has recently changed, it used to be in a clear tube which I prefer as you can see how much product you have left. It is a really light clear gel that sets your brows perfectly, its really heavy duty and will keep even the most unruly brows under control all day.

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre eyeshadow in 98 Vision
My mum treated me to this for Christmas, and I am in love with it! I really like this range of eye products,but this is the only colour that I was crazy enough about to want. I like to call it 'Jazz in a pot', the swatches here really don't do it justice, it is the most sparkly, gold, shimmery, glittery pot of wonderful-ness ever. It is great applied with the brush they give you or with your fingers - and a little goes a really long way!

Chanel Rouge Allure lipsticks
Left - Incognito Right - L'Impatiente

 Both of these lipsticks are wonderful, Incognito is my 'go to' everyday mauve, its a creamy lipstick with a slight shimmer. L'Impatiente is from the newer 'Velvet' range and is a matte lipstick, it looks so dark in the stick but applies really wonderfully to be a lovely dark plum - and it is the best matte lipstick I own as it is so moisturising and really does not dry your lips out.

Rimmel London Apocalips liglosses in - (starting from Left)
Stellar,  Nude Eclipse and Apocaliptic .

 So for those of you who follow me on twitter you will have seen me rave about these, they are really highly pigmented and you don't need very much product to create a really bold statement. They are not a high gloss finish, which I actually really like, but this also means they can be slightly drying - so if you do go out and use these, just remember to use a balm before hand. The range has some really great shades, but these three were by far my favorite.

YSL Belle D'Opium

Hugo Boss Nuit

 Been loving these two scents this year, Belle D'Opium is so luxurious and exotic but really wearable and a must have for anyone who loves YSL Opium but maybe would like a 'fresher' scent. Nuit is my daytime scent, its so fresh and really feminine but there is something so different about it that makes me really gravitate to it.

 And FINALLY ( I can hear you all panting from the sheer length of this post) - my non beauty items - they would have to be my beautiful diary and my super cute knitted kindle cover (hand made by my boyfriends lovely mum) - My life would be a mess without my diary and this is such a lovely handbag sized one, its so pretty and I love the ribbon on it to fasten it. I'm also loving my kindle so much as I'm enjoying reading on my commute to work.

Sorry for the length - but I hope you managed to get through and at least like some of it!

Let me know what your faves are, or if you have already blogged about it...I would love to read it!

Muchos love



  1. Hiya!

    Oh thats brilliant you bought the the cleanser because of my recommendation. What do you think of it? Ya a few people have mentioned the lip scrubs, the chocolate one sounds amazing and good enough to eat, I'll try that out and let you know what I think of it :) Oh and I love your nails that are in the lipstick picture. did you do them yourself? Im like a magpie to nails, always drawn to them x

    1. I love the cleanser, love the bits of lavender in it! It smells so good! Oh and I really like the ground almonds for an exfoliant they work really well without being too harsh.
      Oh and thanks, I would love to say that I did but sadly no :( I get them done, they are the same nails from my 'New Nails' post its just you can see how sparkly the white is in that photo.x


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