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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Nars Orgasm and Nars Albatross Review

Hii Guys!

So I posted a haul in May where I bought a few (a lot) products - 2 of which were face products from Nars.

The first of which was the powder blush Orgasm - probably Nars' most famous product - said to be used by many celebrities and suit any skin tone, this is one sought after product. I have resisted buying this for years as it is pricey (£21.50) and I was happy plodding along with my Mac blush that I have been using for years.
In the Pan 
Natural Light
Under Flash 

But as summer came around (or didnt here in the UK) I wanted something a bit more 'glowy' and peachy to go with summer skin.
Orgasm blush is a pink peach fine powder blush with gold irridescent shimmer, it does not have large chunk glitter - unlike Nars' Super Orgasm - so there is no glitter or shimmer fallout on to the rest of your face - which I would say is pretty important.

Because of this it creates a lovely glow to the skin.
I have been using this since I purchased it and I must say I do really like it - maybe not worth ALL the hype it gets: but as far as colour payoff and finish goes it is a lovely product. It also has a great staying power for both the blush colour and the shimmer finish. I think less is definately more with Orgasm as too much and you may end up looking like a glitterball.
I like to bring this product up slightly on to my temples as it helps to create that summer skin look. I am also fairly pale and this colour does suit me perfectly - so as far as its colour diversity goes I would say it can suit most skin tones.

The second product I purchased was the highlighting blush in Albatross - a little bit confusing calling it a highlighting blush - there is no way on earth that this could be used as a blush - but as a highlighter it is fantastic. This is also one of Nars most famous products, again supposedly used by A-listers. And I must say this product is worth the hype.

In the Pan 
Natural Light
Under Flash

It is a beautiful gold sheen highlighter, not glittery or even shimmery just perfect. Despite being less well known (but just as pricey as Orgasm: again £21.50) this has to be one of Nars best products and for me out shines Orgasm by a mile.

The perfect colour for summer skin - its white transparent base means that it is will suit any skin colour as it is not ashy nor orange - the finish is amazing and because of the powder formulation, again fine blend, it sits perfectly on any base and lasts all day. I am in LOVE with this product and I use it as often as I can, even days where I dont want to wear makeup I like to sweep this on my brow bone for a bit of natural 'glow'.

A wonderful highlighter that really makes your look complete - great on the cheek bones, brow bones and decolletage.

So there are my thoughts on these two 'cult' products.

What are your experiences of cult products - do they always live up to their reputation - are they worth the money?



  1. Oooh Albatross looks beautiful - I'm on the look out for a new highlighter and am torn between this and MAC's Soft and Gentle!

    Holly Mixtures

    1. It is amazing! And I think it depends what you're after S&G is definitely m,ore bronzy toned but this is more gold. I prefer the blend of Nars' powder as its so fine it blends in beautifully. Let me know what you choose :)


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