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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Lush Godiva Solid Shampoo Review

Why hello there...

So I'm getting around to reviewing my May purchases, as I've been using the products for a while and have actually managed to finish a few!

On to the review!

Godiva is one of Lush's solid shampoo's - with a whole list of beautiful ingredients such as: Jasmine, Coco Butter, Coconut Oil, Ylang Ylang....the list goes on an on.

Godiva Shampoo Bar £6.25 /55g 
Now I have a lot of good things to say about Godiva. It is a fantastic formula that smells divine (think of a hot summers evening when all you can smell is jasmine in the air). My hair smells beautiful from wash to wash and it is great at really nourishing and moisturising the hair from root to tip.

It is a very clarifying formula though so if you are in the habit of washing your hair everyday it may be too much for it. Even so it would be a nice shampoo to have for a kind of 'hair detox' or treatment - although I have used this every time I have washed my hair.

The bar formulation is also quite handy for travelling - but this has proved problematic for me.

As much as I love this shampoo i don't think I will be re-purchasing it (as an every time shampoo anyway). My hair is very long and thick and the bar just doesn't hack it, I think I am over using the product just to make sure that I thoroughly wash every part of my hair - so the bar just hasn't lasted as long as I am used to a shampoo lasting. Plus because of my hair being so long it is actually really hard for me to use - either lathering it up in my hands or applying it directly to the hair.

I was really disappointed with this as I wanted it to last ages and work really well with my hair.

Alas this is the only down side - if I ever revert back to having short hair I will be reinstating this as my normal shampoo.

I would really recommend this to people with short hair and people with fine hair of any length. If you need a moisturising shampoo and/or love the smell of jasmine then this is the stuff for you!

Hope this helped and let me know what Lush products you love!


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