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Friday, 3 May 2013

March and April Faves!

Hi guys so it has been a while since I did a faves blog post and thought it was time to update.

I like the idea of doing a favorites blog every couple of months as I don't tend to stray too much from my routine so doing one every few weeks could be pretty boring.

So first of all I will do my make-up choices.

MUA - Undressed pallet - 

I have been travelling around a bit in March and April and this pallet has proved to be worth its salt, it is compact and contains lovely neutrals that can be adapted to: no make-up make-up, everyday neutrals, cut crease drama, smokey eyes and full on drama! It fits in my travel make-up bag perfectly. Great Value too!
- Superdrug £4

Avon - Supershock Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Black 

This is such a versatile product, its great on the waterline and as a liner on the upper and lower lash line. The great thing about this product is...it sets! Its like the perfect intermediate between a khol pencil and a liquid liner. I have found myself going back to this very often on days where I just want to do a simple bit of eye definition - which has been a LOT lately. - Avon £6

Nars - Single Eyeshadow in Voyage

I bought this a while ago (maybe over a year) and loved it, and for a while it was my every day shadow, just sweep this over the lids and add mascara - ready to go. But as I bought other products this got pushed to the back and I must admit I had forgotten what a gorgeous nude it was, with just the right amount of sparkle. So for the last month I have been bringing it back! Love Nars shadows too, great colour payoff and staying power. - Nars £18

Clinique - Supermoisture Foundation 

This is a product that I featured a while ago, I have been using this a lot as it is made for super dry skin. It is a good foundation for this purpose. And because I need it I am putting it in. But I will not be continuing this once my skin is back to normal moisture levels. Not that there is anything wrong with the foundation, its just a very very dewy - and I need a bit more matte in my life! But all in all it is a really good formula for dryer or super dry (like mine) skin. - Clinique £21

MAC Blusher in Pink Swoon

Apologies if I have mentioned this product before - but I will rave about it! This is the best blusher I have ever used, it is a matte bright pink blush. The colour pay off is perfect and suits my skin tone to a T. Its a bit scary looking in the pan, but once applied it looks wonderful. Just enough for my pale skin.
MAC - £17.50

Avon Solutions Hydra Beyond 

This is a lovely light gel moisturiser that I have been using for a while now. I must say I use a fair amount of different moisturisers, basically just based on what my skin needs at the time. The Hydra Beyond has become one of my favorites due to its formula, it melts on to the skin and really does pump moisture back into my skin easily. The gel is fairly watery (as you would expect) - so on really dry days I do need something thicker. But this is a great product with great results. Avon - £7.50

Amazon Kindle

AGAIN! This has to be my favourite thing that is non-beauty related for the last two months. I have been travelling a lot and going to meetings and interviews in preparation for starting my new job and this has been great to read on the: train, plain, bus, car, horseback, dolphin...how ever else you want to travel...although thinking about it I don't think its water proof so I take back dolphin.

So that's all folks. Tried my hardest not to bombard you with products in this faves.

Let me know what your faves at the minute are and if you have tried any of mine!

Muchos Love


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