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Sunday, 12 May 2013

May Haul!

Ok, so it has been aaaages since I spent money on things for myself, well apart from new work clothes.
So I felt it necessary to splurge a little bit and have had a few trips shopping and built up over the last few weeks a nice haul - which I thought some of you may like to see.

This is just a bit of a show and tell post - I will however be trying to do more reviews as they seem to be popular - so watch this space for those.

Here we go!

  • The Body Shop: Hemp Hand Oil - £7 
This hand oil is a deep moisturising and protecting hand care product, I would describe it as a more intense product than the hemp hand protector cream (which I also swear by). I bought this as my medication has caused me to have eczema on my hands and this has been helping brilliantly - it is not a greasy oil, it melts and is absorbed quite quickly. It does however have the strong hemp smell, which I have actually become used to from using the cream, but this may put people off. 

  • Lush: Ultrabland Facial Cleanser - £6.75/45g or £10.75/100g
This is a product that I have been after for a while, I was given a sample back when I bought Angels on Bare Skin ( here in my February Haul - see how long its been since I did a 'proper' shop!?). I have only recently tested it; but loved what I have tested so thought it was worth a purchase. It is a cream/balm cleanser that smells just like honey - fantastic! 

  • Lush: Godiva Shampoo and Conditioning Bar - £6.25/55g 
I have wanted to try one of Lush's  solid shampoo bars for SO LONG! But as we don't have a Lush in my home town I have had to wait until I could get to one. I love lush as all the staff are so help full and can match you with the perfect products for your needs. I bought Godiva over the others as it conditions as well as cleanses the hair, supposedly making it really nourishing ( I have yet to use this) - but most of all, it smells exactly like Jasmine, I could just carry it round with me to smell, its gorgeous. 

  • Lush: Jungle Solid Conditioner - £2.95/55g
Again I wanted a solid conditioner to match the Godiva shampoo - this is a really lovely smelling product too, less intense than Godiva and more fruity; but in a subtle way not a sickly way. Due to the length of my hair I need a really nourishing conditioner that tames frizz near the scalp and moisturises the ends of my hair. I have been promised that this is the perfect product for me - only time will tell! 

  • NARS: Orgasm Blush - £21.50/4.8g 
Possibly the most famous blush in the history of makeup - hyped up to the extreme and revered as many peoples best product. I have resisted buying it for so long as I simply just didnt see what all the fuss was about. Happy with my Matte Mac blush I just plodded along without it. However...since getting clear skin I wanted something more 'glowy' for the summer months (Hello Sun! Where are you??) and so I gave in, marched my way up to the counter and gave in... succumbed to its pinky peachy glowyness; wapped it on my cheeks straight away and strutted out the shop - I will be writing a full review of this later when I have used it a bit more. 

  • NARS: Albatross Highlighting Blush Powder - £21.50/4.8g
I have been using Benefit's High Beam (again featured in my February Haul) for my highlight when I wear a full face of makeup - however with my dry skin the texture of it is not working for me at the minute, plus the colour is perfect in colder months as it has a lovely icy sheen - but this is not what I want for warmer months. Albatross however (despite its appearance  has an amazing gold sheen that works in conjunction with the gold shimmer in Orgasm. The powder texture also works better for my skin while its dry.

 I must add here that I love NARS packaging, it is beautiful - not practical as it gets dirty very easily - but nonetheless beautiful and I also love the attention to detain with a mirror in all powder product packaging! LOOK AT IT!!


I have bought a couple more products as well as these but I am deeming them not interesting enough for this post - plus I don't think I can bear to see the price of any more of the products - its like my own post telling me off for splurging! 

As I said I will be reviewing most of these products in more depth when I have used them a bit more. 

Hope you enjoyed the read! 



  1. Ooooh that NARS highlighter looks beauuuuutiful!! Love a bit of gold sheen :D


    1. It is amazing! Been wearing it today, it just gives you such a healthy glow...its beautiful xx


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