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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Eye of the Day!

Hey Beauties!

I have basically decided to re-brand my 'Look of the day''s as 'Eye of the Day''s ...as I think this is a more accurate description for what I am providing.

Who knows, maybe one day I can suck it up and photograph my whole face, but for now I'm just not ready for that.

So today I did a bit more work shopping, nothing special, but it was successful. Even came back with some lovely black high heel peep toe shoes... definitely for work (or at least that's what I'm telling myself).
But I thought I would share my make up choice.

I'm really into browns at the minute and I have rediscovered the Revlon Colourstay pallet I used in my Everyday Brow blog. It has really lovely shades and they seem to be so compatible with so many other eyeshadows I have. These shades worked really well with the gold (I am definitely a brown/gold aholic these days) 

I did regret one choice however - after I used my eyeshadow primer I then applied a creamy base in a burnished bronze shade (a really old Avon product I came across) - this seemed to counteract any staying power any eyeshadow had or indeed the power of my primer. I may be a little over dramatic, it wasn't sliding down my face or anything, its just creased and blended on its own accord, so my lovely eye makeup kind of did its own thing after a while. 

Will NOT be using that again! 

Anywhoo - hope you like it and hope you are all having a lovely weekend! 



  1. oh how pretty, I ordered a new palette with browns and golds like this, bringing the gold under the eye is fab.if you're using an eye shadow primer, lightly powder and then put creme shadows over, that'll prevent any sliding :) x

    1. Thanks!! Love these colours so much, they go with everything and seem to suit everyone, so I'm sure your new palette will be a success :) And thanks! I will try that! xx


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