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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Lush Sunnyside Bubble Bar Review!

Well hello there!

I tweeted the other day about using "sunnyside" for the very first time. As anyone who regularly reads my posts will know, I have in the past 6 months or so become very much addicted to Lush.

From their, bath bombs to face masks, cleanser to perfume and more;  I absolutely love shopping there. The staff are always so helpful, and if you ever want to try something they are more than happy to provide a sample in a teeny "black pot" of whatever you fancy - and they contain a decent amount of stuff so you actually get to try it quite a bit!

On to the review!

So the bubble bars from Lush are a crumbly bar, that when crumbled under running water make lots and lots of lovely skin conditioning bubbles. You can get 2 baths out of most bars and 3 out of the bigger bars. Most of the time I just use the whole bar - as I have baths as a sort of 'treat' to relax, and showers most of the time.

With Sunnyside it is a glittery gold coloured bar with gold glitter all on the outside. It is a bit daunting, I mean the thought of tying to clean all that glitter out of the bath, plus all that glitter on your skin! But I was pleasantly surprised.

Yes there is glitter in the water, but as the whole bar does not have glitter running all through it and it is just a coating on the outside, the glitter actually is actually a very small percentage of the resulting bath. But the rest of the bar makes a lovely shimmery gold swirly bath with lots and lots of iridescent bubbles.

It smells really fresh and fruity - it reminds me of mimosas (bucks fizz), which is a lovely match to the indulgence of the bath.

I already have tried quite a few of their bath bombs and a couple of the bubble bars. My next wanted product are the bath melts! I think that a bath should be as much of an 'experience' as you want it to be! Me I like, bubbles, bombs, melts, candles, music, a good book and maybe even a glass of wine!

I would really recommend the lush bath products, there may be a lot of them. But if you have an idea what kind of experience and smells you want/like, you only have to ask and they will point you in the right direction.

Have you tried a Lush bubble bar?


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