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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

VOGUE! Beauty confidential cover lip dupe!

Hi guys!
If like me you're big into the seasons latest looks, both fashion and make-up then you probably read some kind of magazine. My big weakness is Vogue. I love it, even the adverts in it, I love picking ideas from the design houses latest campaigns and looking at the wonderful photography and marveling at the models.

As I live in England I have to buy British Vogue, and this months issue had another small magazine insert 'Vogue beauty confidential'. The cover of which features a sun-kissed Raquel Zimmermann looking fab (and rather late 70's/ early 80's chic). Immediately I fell in love with her lip look, a true red coral matte lipstick.

So I turn to the inside page to look up what lipstick it is. I find that its a matte Shisheido lipstick which would cost you £21 here in the UK, which is almost as much as the Chanel lipsticks. So I start looking for a cheaper dupe.

As any body who is even slightly in to makeup will know, Mac would be the first port of call, and indeed it was. And Bingo! I found the exact matte shade to match. Its a good £8 cheaper and even though its not drugstore cheap, I'm more willing to pay for what I know is quality.

The shade is so hot and on trend that even the Mac one has been hard to get hold of, I have finally managed to order mine today and will tweet some pictures when I get it delivered.

It really is the shade of the summer, I suggest that if you also go for this hot red coral lip, you team it with heavy brows and a nude eye...oh and plenty of bronzer to really bring out those golden coral tones!


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