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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Body Shop - mini haul reveiw

I recently had a mini spending spree in the Body Shop. I have to say that I love all the products that I purchased and the fact that they are against animal testing makes every buy that much sweeter!

I purchased 3 makeup products; the baked bronzer in 02 (warm glow), the brow and lash gel, and the skin primer matte it. I also got 3 skin care products; the cucumber freshening water, the passion fruit cleansing gel and the carrot moisture cream.

I'll start with the bronzer; I am very light skinned and find it hard to find foundation that is light enough for my skin tone (even MAC's NC15 is a tad too dark for me - THATS how pale I am) so you can imagine how hard it has been to find a bronzer that wont make me look orange unless i practically blend it off my skin (which ends up being a total waste of product). The baked bronzer from the body shop is similar to macs but only comes in two colours, its slightly cheaper and I think has a nicer texture. Its not too shimmery which is a bonus as these types of bronzers are really obvious (and I mean isnt that the whole point of face make up? to make it look like thats your natural look, and unless youre Edward Cullen, who has sparkly skin??)
It goes on really well and helps define your cheek bones (where bronzer should always be applied) its not dark but I guess if you wanted a darker colour you could pack it on and build it up, but this was the lightest shade.
The second item I purchased was the brow gel, I have been looking for a good control and condition- product for my brows for some time now, and this clear one is a really good one. I like the clear as you can still apply brow pencil/not apply pencil and manage to control them if (like me) you have thick eyebrows. Its a non greasy formula that conditions as it controls. It also does not dry too stiff to make you feel you've just had botox - which is always a bonus.

The final product I got was the matte it primer, they do a moisturising primer, but i find that its not too good if you want to apply foundation. The feel of the matte primer is lovely, a little goes a long way and it completely perfects the skins texture (obviously it doesnt hide blemishes) but on clear areas and areas with few small blemishes it really helps the look and feel of the skin. Applying it first in your routine will mean that your makeup looks fresher and brighter and will stay put for far longer. And as it is a matte product it also reduces the need for a powder set (which completely dries my skin out).

On to the skin care - the cucumber water is amazing!! after a few days of use my skin looks fresher and has far less blemishes! I use it after cleansing, before I put on my moisturiser. Even though it serves the same purpose as a toner, by using it after cleansing it basically finished the process, by applying a small amount on a cotton pad you and further cleanse your face with it, you will see how much more you can clean!
After I use the cucumber water I apply the carrot moisture cream, at first I thought it was too thick ans would make me break out and alter the oil balance in my skin, but I have to say the outcome was totally the opposite. It makes your skin tone look more even and makes your skin soft and dewey without being heavy or greasy.
The last product, although I like it I was a little disappointed. The passion fruit cleansing gel is a really nice formula, it smells amazing but due to its texture it doesnt lather up well and so it a bit odd to apply and although my face feels cleaner after use, I always feel like it hasnt worked properly.

So my friends that was my mini haul, hope you enjoyed reading and if you walk past the Body shop I'd deffs recommend going in for a look!


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