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Friday, 13 May 2011

5 Products that I could not live without

Hola chickitos'

This is a fun tag that a friend asked me to do for my blog and so I aggreed and here I am writing it. The tag is, to imagine that you are stranded on a Desert Island and you can only have 5 makeup products with you for the rest of your time there, if they run out they will be magically replenished (I didnt say it was realistic) if they run out before you are rescued...and yes on this island with you is also your perfect match (and if your me, that means make-up is needed).

The first product that I would bring with me is concealer, i have this fab Jillian Dempsey pallet that is AMAZING and works for everything so that even I could (possibly) get away without wearing makeup! This would be my first product, as it can cover up blemishes, dark circles and uneven skin tone. But can be used as a highlighter and even a skin warmer (as it comes with an apricot tone).

The second product that I would bring is mascara, at the minute I'm using L'Oreal's Volume Million Lashes, but I must admit that I'm not a very loyal mascara buyer, as I tend to change every time I run out. I just think that mascara is the one product that you can easily chop and change and so I like to see what the new products on the market are at all times. I would probably take a Lancome Hypnose mascara with me as it has to be the ultimate mascara, I just don't have it all the time because its so pricey.

The third product that I would bring with me would be Max Factors brow pencil in Ebony, their brow pencil is fab, it stays on all day and is applied really easily (due to the fact that it comes with a hard bristle brush), and eyebrows are important, they frame your eyes and draw attention to them; and a really good strong eyebrow will do your bone structure wonders!

The fourth product I would bring with me is a MAC eyeshadow, in the shade 'Antiqued'. I really don't care what anyone says about these eyeshadows, they are fantastic value for money and the fact that they're really pigmented means that you don't have to do a lot of build up to get colour, yet if you want to stay more demure you can just blend the hell out of it. The shade that I have chosen is a gorgeous brown/copper/bronze shade that has the power to warm up your face and make your eyes beautifully dark without being over dramatic, and brown eyeshadow really is every girls friend.

And the final product I would take with me is a lipstick. From the new Chanel 'Rouge Coco Shine' range in 'canotier' its a subtle nude beige colour that would suit all skin colours and ages. Its a bit of a splurge product, but its a really nourishing lipstick thats just lovely to wear.

And that my friends concludes this little Blog.
I tag every one who is reading to either blog their own, comment or message me your answers or just think or ask your friends for a bit of a giggle.


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