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Monday, 4 March 2013

MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Review

Hi there!

Hope you are all feeling good this week! Monday always feels so long, and then when it gets to Friday I'm left wondering where the week has gone! haha.

So I thought I would beat the Monday blues with a review of something sparkly and magical...

I bought 2 of the MAC Mineralize eyeshadows a while back, in November I think when I went over to the US I picked these two up in Duty free.

I chose the colours 'Smutty Green' and 'Young Punk' as purples and greens are my staple colours for eyeshadow (when I'm not going my usual shades of brown).

Young Punk

Smutty Green 

 Please forgive how my pans look, there is a lot of fall out from the product and the 'mineralize-ness' of the shadow kind of disappears when you have used it a few times.
The flash lighting is not the best to show these products off - when I first saw them in the pan I was amazed at how sparkly they were, and I love the black base as it is perfect for the smoky look that I like.

HOWEVER! If you try and apply this product dry....

Young Punk on top
Smutty Green on bottom 
This happens! NOTHING, it has no pay off and is so faint it made me regret buying them. They do give a bit of sparkle to a normal smoky eye in its dry form, which is nice, but not that noticeable.

So me being me I thought about using these as a pigment instead of a shadow - and so I added mixing medium....and got this...

So by adding the mixing medium you get a fantastic metallic, vibrant colour. Again the flash lighting doesn't really do them justice. But they are both peacocky shades that look great on their own or blended into a look. This is what I wanted when i bought them...well sort of.

All in all I am glad that i purchased these. But I am disappointed that they cant really be used as the glittery shades they come as. They are however fabulous metallic shades that can certainly stand on their own.
I would be careful when buying mineralize eyeshadows from MAC as they seem to be similar to the Frost shades in that the payoff isn't very good and the fall out is very bad.

Hope that this helps :)

Let me know your experiences with them and what your favorite MAC products are



  1. This is such a great review! Very helpful! :))



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