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Sunday, 19 August 2012


Hi guys :)

I thought I'd do another mini-non blog about a product that I love. FALSE LASHES

Now, before I start, I would like to point out that I am in no way a 'plastic', what I mean to say is that I don't wear a lot of false things, i.e. tan, nails hair extensions...I mean Ive never even dyed my hair! But I do love false lashes.
Throughout the years, my eyes have been the one feature that has done me justice (even if everything thing else is a bit rough) and for me false lashes really help to accentuate them (obviously).

I do go through phases of wearing them every day to just on the odd occasion. But whenever i wear them I feel great, I notice immediately that I have more confidence and all of my make-up benefits from this. I love trying the new ones out and seeing if I can get away with convincing people that they're my own (this only works if you wear the lovely thin ones that just give you a hint more of length and thickness without mascara, which really helps when avoiding "spider-lash").
I do have brands that I stick to, and I would never buy really cheap ones as I just don't think that they could be good for your eyes. The same goes with glue, I only buy one or two types of glue from companies who I trust. A friend of mine bought some party lashes from a fancy dress store and when she wore them her eyes burnt and were really sore afterwards, because the glue supplied with them had really high levels of ammonia in it!!

The brands that I really recommend are Eyelure, QVS (not to be confused with QVC) MAC and Shu Uemura. If like me your a student (or a tad thrifty) then the QVS and Eyelure ones are really fantastic at a really affordable price and they're available in chemists (like boots and superdrug) but also supermarkets. I do tend to favour the Eyelure brand as they supply all different varieties; from their 'Naturalites' collection to the Sex and the City ones (at the moment my fave lashes are from this collection, the 'Samantha' ones). I also use their glue, as its brilliant, dries at the right pace and clear, and also the bottle seems to last forever! Even when you're using them every day!

If you fancy the higher end, then MAC and Shu Uemura are the holy grail of lashes. Both companies will do you a custom eyelash fit and apply them for you in store. Their ranges are fantastic and the products are really great. They are a little more expensive, but I think last time I got MAC's lashes they were around 8 pounds which is only a couple more quid than the Eyelure ones. The Shu Uemura are by far the best brand out there and have been paving the way for brilliant lash extensions for over a decade, they are however the higher end, but are definitely worth the investment if you really want a pair of statement lashes, or just fancy treating yourself. 

If you're a first timer and want to try them out, I wouldn't go for the higher end ones, but instead go for a really natural pair from a reputably company. The trick with application really is practice, and also eyeliner. When I first wore a pair I had no idea that you should wear liner when wearing them to mask the seam so I looked like a complete idiot!! But yes, apply liquid eyeliner (or gel) to your lash line and then apply!

And don't be put off if the first time you try you cant get it down! just keep trying, also don't try to apply them to the root of your lashes...it aint ever going to happen, just aim for as close to your lash line as you can get.

Hope this was a fun and helpful read.


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