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Monday, 1 August 2011

Illamasqua eye pigment and liquid metal

Hi guys, sorry its been a while, Ive been so busy with work I havent really had time to sit down and write, even my book has been put on the back burner.
For those of you who follow me on twitter (@1brushbeauty) then you will know that I recently went to an Illamasqua store and purchased a couple of products.
For those of us here in the UK, there are very few Illamasqua counters around, I found one in a mall around 30miles from where I live. I took my mum who had never heard of the company before, but as soon as she saw the pigment counter she almost hyperventilated with excitement (yes the make up obsession must run in the family).

I chose the pure pigment in 'Ore' and the liquid metal in 'Phenomena' with the mind to use the liquid metal as a base and the pigment as a primary shadow colour.
Ore is a gorgeous golden brown, but unique to this shade, it has a certain something that you cant exactly explain. But I had never seen another product with this exact shade. Most of the pure pigments contain some glitter, but it is fine enough that you can wear it during the day.
Phenomena is the lightest silver liquid metal and is a silky cream pigment that is really dense with colour but has a lovely light silky application. It is a really cool shade that may appear to be a little daunting, but there is no reason that it would not suit all skin tones.

I wanted to give these products a chance before I reviewed them, as I find with some high end pigments all you pay for is the name and the product ends up being the same as a cheaper drugstore product.

I have been using phenomena the most out of the two products and I find its a wonderful highlight for the eyes (when used on the inner corners), it is such a universal colour that you can wear it with any eyeshadow look. I apply with my finger tips as this ensures the best products transfer and allows maximum control of the cream. The only negative I have to warn with this is that if you wear it all over your lids beware of creasing (although I dont really mind it creasing, and as it happens a glossy 'creased' eye is what many of the fashion show models have been sporting this season). The liquid metals make really good bases and add a subtle shimmer when applied lightly or a mind blowing intense molten look when applied liberally.

The pure pigment that I purchased was ore and this is a loose pigment powder. You can apply with a brush on its own which gives a light glow/sparkle but this method maximises fallout so be careful when applying to 'pat' the product in and not 'sweep' with your brush as you normally would. I have been wearing it with a mixing medium to wear as a crease colour and it works wonderfully. It has that golden tinge but can bring lovely warm olive tones out in your make up too. A great way to wear this is over a liquid metal, and this is slowly becoming one of my favorite day time looks.

All in all I highly recommend checking out Illamasqua, either at a counter or online, and products are really as they appear, they apply as the same colour as you see them (which is sometimes the most important thing). They are a little pricey however but, the liquid metals especially, are second to none, there is no product like them on the market.

As always if you have any questions or comments please leave them and I will try and respond accordingly. Please check out my twitter page and let me know if youve been reading my blogs, I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading, and until next time

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